Real-Life Testimonies

Stories of changed lives because of Jesus.

What Is God Doing In Your Life?

We want to know what Jesus has done in your life. Why? Because telling your testimony causes faith to explode in those who hear it. If God did it once for someone else, He will do it again. Share your testimony and be the catalyst for somebody's faith to explode!

Video Testimonies

Revelation 19:10 says that "the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy", which simply means that when a testimony is shared about the work of Jesus, it is a spiritual invitation for those listening to know that God wants to do the same thing in their lives. As you hear these testimonies, know that God desires to work in similar ways in your life.


Testimony of God's Healing Power

In 2002 Schlone Lawler had a massive heart attack, triple bypass, an ejection fraction of 12%, and needed a heart transplant. Through prayer, she was taken off of the heart transplant list and kicked off hospice. Today her ejection fraction is 48% (the low side of normal). God answered her prayers. He will answer yours too!

Backs healed!

Listen as Josiah and Thomas tell how their backs were healed during a Tuesday Prayer Gathering.

No Broken Toe!

Aubrey didn't want to take his boot off because he was certain his toe was broken. But a friend at church laid his hand on him and said, "We are going to believe that toe isn't broken."

Listen to what happened next!

Prayer and Using Your Authority

Kari wouldn't bow to the fear and intimidation of her daughter's spiritual enemy. She stood her ground through prayer and the authority of God's Word and the dark force had to leave.

Listen to Kari's testimony of how her little girl was set free!