Covid-19 Updates

We're back in the building!

COVID - 19 Update


Wow! Who would have thought we were going to be living in a time that we couldn't meet together for church services? But thankfully those days are coming to an end; and as we begin meeting back together I want you to remember these three important truths:

1. People are still hurting and lonely, they are living in fear and in desperate need of hope.

2. The church is not a building. You are the Church.

3. Therefore you are equipped to bring hope to those hurting and lonely and to those living in fear, because the God of all hope lives in you.

You're incredibly loved and valued. Don't ever compare yourself to someone else. God's plan for your life is to represent Him in your world and you're doing that in spectacular unique ways! Keep it up!

As we are meeting back together, here are a few things you can expect from us in the next few weeks:

  • We’ve adjusted seating to accommodate reasonable spacing.
  • Doors will be left open to welcome you.
  • There will be ongoing sanitation in all areas.
  • Coffee will be served through the kitchen window - not in the kitchen.
  • All children’s ministry classes will not be opened until June. This includes Wednesday evenings.

For You:

  • Please maintain social distancing with lots of smiles and nods!
  • As the Word of God is preached keep the AMENS coming!
  • You’re welcome to wear a mask, but our volunteer team is not required to do so.

Thank you for helping us out! And thank you for your overwhelming generosity by continuing to give during the time we were unable to meet together. We're very grateful and thankful!

We’re living in some of the most exciting times on earth and I believe the best days are ahead for the Church!

~Intentionally Building Better Lives~

Pastor Randy

Live streaming from Facebook will continue for those not yet ready to join in person. 

Tuesday Prayer will resume in the Forge at 6pm!

If you need assistance, prayer or would just like to talk we're here for you!

You can reach us at 918.321.3833 or



Parents and grandparents, join our Fireside Kids Facebook and Messenger Group to stay in touch with what's happening in the Kid's Min! Even though we're back on Sunday's, remember Kids Ministry isn't happening until June, so continue to stay connected by posting pics and videos! Share some encouraging words, tips, tricks, prayer request & testimonies.... (private group)

Blaze Girlz has their own Messenger Group and Miss Tonya would LOVE to hear from you!


Joe and Jennifer want to hear from you! Stay up to date through Instagram and TikTok

Adult Groups Staying Connected

Refined by Fire, Seniors ~ Facebook Group

Daughters of Virtue, Women ~ Facebook Group

Ladies Prayer Group ~ GroupMe

Fireside Men ~ Facebook Group

[Links to these are located on the Adult Groups page]


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